Considering making a website but your coding skills are not top notch? The tutorials on Dreamweaver Made Simple are fantastic for learning how to code but there are different ways to build a website. Two other approaches you could think about are using Joomla and WordPress. You only install them on your web server and they provide an admin section to your website for putting more information on there. Fully understanding concepts like syntax isn’t straightforward.

So as mentioned Joomla and WordPress are content management systems (CMS). WordPress has it’s advantages and it’s mainly used for blogging purposes. There is a load of free customizable themes you can apply to your website very swiftly. Also with a click of a button you can add widgets into your webpage to display your twitter feed or a list of tags you’ve used in your posts. If you’re looking to do a bit more than website then Joomla is also a worthwhile choice. It’s been created to manage more than just blog posts and you can make more advanced additions than just widgets like adding ecommerce systems and communication tools.

So these content management systems have a great deal of pros, why use Dreamweaver? What are the drawbacks of using these online tools? The most important one is that they don’t leave a good deal of space for creativity and originality. Content management systems don’t provide a blank canvas for you to code on. For a simple project, all the extra services WordPress and Joomla provide might not be needed. Some templates can easily be recognized and whether the website is for a business then brand recognition has to be considered. It might possibly compromise the credibility of your organization. Private use however, this isn’t too much of a problem.

So in terms of coding knowledge and expertise with Dreamweaver which option is best for you? The most vital thing to judge is what exactly are you trying to build. For blogging, WordPress is the number one choice. Joomla is terrific for business websites but you need to consider the site’s complexity. If it’s simply displaying content (text, pictures Business Management Articles, etc.) then Dreamweaver might be the way ahead. With a little bit of understanding of coding you are able to put together something unique quite speedily. However in the event that you know in advance that your website might need something as complicated as an ecommerce system then you need to know that this requires some seriously good understanding of different kinds of coding. Placing something along those lines up is highly advanced and has to be performed carefully as improper code can violate laws or place your site at risk from hacking. Tried and tested code given by Joomla could be a much more reliable option.

Knowing your limits is essential when considering how to do your project. Think back to the things you’ve created before and compare them to the job you’re going to undertake to establish the best way to go. There are wonderful advantages of programming from scratch but it can be time consuming and tricky. Research into all your choices will help no end in building the ideal site for you.

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