Travel Ideas for People in Malta

A collection of some good information and third party flight offers. We are not a travel agency. We are not selling anything. All these extra cheap offers what you can find here you can find on the linked websites on your own … if you have time. If you don’t have, follow our Facebook page and travel the world for small amount of money.

We are ordinary workers in a Maltese factory but our hobby is traveling and in our free time we are constantly looking for extra offers on the internet. As there are many good offers out there (meanwhile we have limited number of optional day offs) we decided to share these ideas and extremely cheap flights with you… Who knows, maybe you can use them one day…

This is a nonprofit website. If you like what we are doing like and share our Facebook page. This would be a very good feedback for us. Thank you.

The price of the flight is different than in your posts on Facebook. Why?

All these offers are actual in the moment when we posting them out. There are only a few promotional tickets so there is a big possibility that the companies are going to change the prices.

If you don’t want to miss these offers follow our page and be fast when you make decisions about your next trip.

Do you sell tickets?

We don’t have anything to sell. All these offers are offers from third party companies, like AirMalta, Ryanair, Wizzair, etc… The good news is that you can buy your ticket directly from these companies.

Can you help us to buy a ticket?

Unfortunately everyone has to buy their own ticket. Luckily nowadays everyone has a good friend who has experience in online shopping.

What is Wizzair Discount Club (WDC)?

Wizzair Discount Club (abbrev. WDC) is a 365 days discount scheme of Wizzair for their costumers. If you have a travel companion or if you are a frequent solo traveler you should consider to buy this membership as it gives you and to your companion 10 euro /person/flight discount. So a return ticket with your partner saves you 40 euro instantly.

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